We're off to Bataan! (Jayson + Denise)


Bataan, the cradle of Philippines Heroes… what a lovely place to be wed! This was where Balangueno locals Jayson and Denise insisted on tying their knot!

At first, we all thought it we were off for a 4 hrs drive but Balanga, Bataan was just at the tip of the province… Got there in 2.5 hrs. In short, we were toooo early! Haha! Lots and lots of time for pictorials! :o)

It was a “day-by-day’ Christian wedding held also at the reception venue which made it quite hard to do the onsite wedding video. Nonetheless, Mafie naver fails to deliver! Click here to watch it!

At her march, Denise was all smiles despite the nervousness!

More pictures during the ceremonies:

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denise - April 29, 2008 - 12:15 pm

hi kuyasssss! kuya allan, kuya ferdie and to all na di na na-mention.
am so excited for the pictures. tom kukunin na namin ang raw.
megapixels,you are the best!
we love you!
kuya ferdie you are so gracious. umuwi ka pa talaga ng bataan. thank you po sa inyong pagkagaling galing na presentations.
you deliver so well. we’re so glad kayu kinuha namin.
super baet!

joanne - April 26, 2009 - 4:11 pm

den and jayson, congrats! ganda ng photos and ng coverage…

megapixels indeed is perfect choice!

why not, for our church wedding di ba?

para feeling showbiz din kami, hehehe..

Jake + Kath

Genesis and Katherine (Jake and Kath to their friends) finally got married after 10 long years. :o) What took you guys! :o)

and here’s a shot of Jake… with a funny grin! :o)

… during the first dance, we didn’t really see much… nonetheless, the smoke machine set the drama!



…and of course, their onsite wedding video by Leo (who made it just in the nick of time!)

Hi to their in laws Mike and Maan, who were continually looking after us! Thank you sooo much!

To Jake and Kath, a warm, warm wish for a new life together!!!

Preps : Great Eastern Hotel ( Formerly Aberdeen Court), Quezon Avenue, Q.C.

Ceremonies : Our Lady of Annunciation Parish, Mindanao Ave., Q.C.

Reception : Saint Charbel Clubhouse Mindanao Ave. Q.C.



Maan Julio-Lopez - May 15, 2012 - 4:46 pm

Hi Ferdie and Jeng, how are you guys? It’s been a long time. 6 years when we first met. Yup, we are on our 6th year wedding anniversary this coming May 27th. I tried browsing in your archive but there’s nothing for May 2006.I am trying to surprise Mike by posting our AVP in FB hehehe….so even our friends who were not able attend can view it as well.

Anyways, I’m not sure if you still have a copy of it….=) let me know if you do…By the way, do you also make photo albums? Magazine like photo albums? (i dont know what they are called…) I don’t have time to make scrapbooks for my sons anymore(yup, i got 3, just gave birth again recently).

Hope to hear from you…God Bless….


Ferdie - May 15, 2012 - 5:19 pm

HI Maan…

Of course, i remember you. Yup, you are correct, you won’t be able to find anything before Jan 2008 (when I started shooting and blogging).
With regards to your AVP. I think we should still have a copy. I hope our backup system will serve us well. I’ll have it checked tomorrow and let you know.

How do we get in touch with you?


Emir + Rianne


I was in another wedding in Quezon City,… just minutes away! “So, no shots by me below!” This wedding was handled by the second team, Allan, Mafie and company! Excellent work guys!


Meanwhile , here’s Emir and Rianne’s onsite wedding MTV by Mafie!


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Magnolia's Debut (An extraordinary party)


Everything was all set for Magnolia’s (“Maggie”) Outrageous party! The Gersbach’s, owners of the Gasthof, home of Boracay’s famous baby back ribs, did a swell job in preparing an event like no other! Imagine this, the stage was prepared, like days before the event. The production crew started a day before, it had to make way for a dress rehearsal… “Hanep”, it was like we were in ABS-CBN again.


The event was conducted in the new “A. Venue” Mall, found along Makati Avenue, at the heart of Makati’s Gimik Place! I guess, Maggie baptized the use of the humongous ballroom.


The room was probably 1.5x as big as Crowne Plaza’s. In the same building, you’ll find Gasthof’s first Makati branch (saves u the flight to Boracay!) If ever you visit the place, check out the Ice Tea… “Ang Saaaaarap!”… There was also this Ensaladang Manga dish, together with Inihaw Fish… It tastes heaven! “Thanks for the treat po ulit Tita!”


During the event, sorry for the arrogance, but I think I outdid myself! :o) I took lots of beautiful shots. At first, I thought me and Allan were going to have a hard time due to the light effects… but as I nearly broke my Camera (lots of adjustments every now and then), someone up above kept an eye on us and gave us a hand!


It was a “NO Flash all the way night” Wooohooo!!!


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Yoshiharu - January 2, 2009 - 11:00 am

I Miss You Maggie, Hope to see you soon!. TATZ

Praiceter - April 28, 2009 - 6:47 pm

cool sitename man)))
signature: http://semev.ru/

Ziv's 1st Bday Album (Disney-Pixar's Cars Themed Album)

Hi! Guess what? I’ve been sooo busy and started helping the guys (graphic editors) catching up our schedule for the album Layouts. It’s starting to pile up… Yup! I can edit to, not as fancy as our Art editors Jojo or Emman’s though.

And here it is… Tadah!!!… I hope proud Dad & Mom (Richard and Chi) will like it!


page 1 (by Emman, rest by me)




page 2-3 (by me)



page 4-5



page 6-7



page 8-9




page 10-11



page 12-13


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hi - November 14, 2008 - 2:14 am

ok design nyo mganda

Ferdie - November 14, 2008 - 2:28 am

Thanks po! 🙂

We hope to see you often in our site!