Sophia Venice scores "1" as she enters Christianity

Tita Joy (Ms. Dy), a dear cleint of ours, dropped by the studio 3 days before the event. We all thought it was just an ordinary Palm Sunday – Christening. It’s a good thing I wasn’t busy so I decided to tag along with the team. Upon arrival, we were all surprised… it was also Venice’s 1st birthday. Whoooa!

We got to Sophia Venice‘s place, hospitably been served breakfast (Thank you! Thank You!), and upon entry to Venice’s room… we all said “Hu-Wow!” We’ll be expecting a party!

as a starter, check out the cute invitation.

and here she is… (remember to right-click the pictures and “enlarge view” it)


… with Mommy, no wonder Venice is soooo pretty!

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Ren + Joy

Hi guys! *Sorry for posting soooo late. We’ve been kinda busy*


* I really like the looks of these satellites (cake)! Hey Joy, I bet these were all your ideas! Nice-nice!!!*

How many times have you heard the bride getting frustrated especially on her one in a lifetime special day… somewhat like nothing’s getting by her way? Well, that’s what I heard from Joy (the bride) herself!… But I must say, she handled it pretty well. Joy was all smile specially when the cameras are around. :o)

(read more to check out their video)

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karisse - April 5, 2008 - 10:32 am

it was such a very wonderful wedding i’ve ever seen.. well, although she’s my sister i was really amazed with the outcome of the very hustle preparation of dis wedding.. but look its very outrageous..i cud proudly say that dis is… “the wedding of the year” i really agreed to that..yyyyyyyyeeeeppppppppeeee!!

aubrey - May 17, 2008 - 5:44 am

WOW… that’s what i can say with my friend’s wedding..and i’m so glad that joy and ren made me a part of this once in a lifetime moment in their lives.. i know that this is a dream come true for both of you..i’m so happy for you joy and ren, i know you’ve been longing for this moment. just love, respect and take care of each other forever…i luv you guys.. and may god always bless you.

Thumbs up! to the 2008 UP Diliman Fine Arts Graduates

March? What were we doing lately? Yup! you got that right, a season for graduation! We’ve also been doing our share of celebrating the feast! Hooray to the 2008 Graduating Batch of Fine-Arts, UP Diliman!

Thanks to Ms. Yna and Ms. Iza (we tagged her Katya!) for making it possible… and here they are:

and their batchmates…

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I joined SPPP (Outdoor Glamour Portrait Photo Shootout)

As they always say… “Join a Club!” I was always curious, what’s in it? We at megapixels are doing alright so why do I have to join a club? Well, there are a lot of reasons… (1) To meet new sets of friends with common interest (playing with their camera). (2) ahmmm… “ah basta join ka na lang!”

Yesterday, I joined SPPP (Society of Portrait Photographers of the Phlippines) in their Outdoor Glamour Portrait Photo Shootout held at Lopez Farm, Naic, Cavite! It was a 2 days affair… most of which are nude photography! :o) Hehe!

*Some shots while waiting for the models*

I made 2 new buddies, Paul and Handy. Both of which are hobbyist. Paul is an architect and a contractor as well, while Handy is businessman, “as he said” a part owner of Abacus Computers.

The session was spearheaded by none other than the land’s finest portrait photographer Mr. Deri Ibarra. I really liked him. He is very, very good, and is not afraid of sharing his talents to others. Even at his stature, he is still very humble!

Here’s a sampler…

Not bad for a “first nude photography session” ey?

Want more? follow this link… (I find most of the pictures taken will be inappropriate for this blogsite so I’ve created a personal multiply account )

It was a funfilled busy day, with lots of food and shoot activities. Up until 10PM, Mr. Ibarra was still sharing his knowledge in photoshop! I enjoyed and learned a lot of things. So before I drove home, I shook hands with SPPP officials and excitedly asked to be member.

Thanks again Ariel Samaniego, Mr. Gari, Ms. Leah and to Mr. Deri, “thanks for the thoughts!”. I’ll see you guys in the monthly meetings!

iya - March 10, 2008 - 4:44 am

the same thoughts why i signed up for the ‘glamour’ photo shoot.

never thought it was for nekkies. 😀

Welcome back MG!

Last November we were saddened by the resignation of MG.

*Looks can be deceiving but don’t worry she won’t bite!*
(looks by Jeng and Carlan, photos and graphics by Jojo A.-megapixels digital studio)


It was hard for us to let go! She has a unique way of talking to people. She’s witty, funny but works seriously hard… definitely a “Keeper”!

… And after 4 months… the phone rang, it was MG asking if there’s a job vacancy… to MG: “There’s always a desk for you!” We’re sooo glad! Welcome back!!!