Hooowow!!! Our First Medical Doctor couples… So how should we call them now? Dr & Dra. Jerome Santos? Hehe! I wonder if both drank Promils! – *The heart is the center of the Solar System!* (Gets the joke?). We were actually looking for the stets, but couldn’t find any…

Hey.. What’s up docs? Any discounts or Freebies at St.Luke’s Medical Center? :o)

Best Wishes Dr. Jerome and Dra. Jenny

here’s their onsite video

Preps: Manila Hotel

San Sebastian Cathedral

jerome - May 23, 2008 - 8:59 am

Hi ferds nice to here from you!!! its been a while since i’ve opened the internet. alam mo namam sobrang busy me and jenny. Anyway super thanks for being part of our wedding.

Ferdie - May 23, 2008 - 6:36 pm

Hi Jerome! Thanks for visiting! We hope to see you often here in our site!!!


Jerome - November 25, 2008 - 7:28 am

Thanks Ferds…. Just seen the photo album and whole video after almost a year hehehehe… medyo talagang busy hehehe super nice…Tthanks again

Ferdie - November 25, 2008 - 2:51 pm

Hi Jerome! 🙂 Nice of you to pay us a visit… Kakatuwa, seeing this post of mine. Its been close to a year since… ang kaunti pa ng mga images na pinopost. These days, sobrang dami ko nang pinopost na photos at naglalakihan na! Medyo tumatagal lang ang posting! Hehe!

We hope to see you often in our site! Any babies yet?
See yah!

A wedding on my Mom's Birthday! (Elmer + Hazel)

Yup! It was Dec. 8, yearly, my Mom celebrates her birthday on Dec 8… She started doing it since she was child! But sorry Ma, I had to do a job first! After all, its GMA7 kapuso’s Elmer and Hazel’s wedding. It’ll be such a compliment to serve one of GMA7’s producer and editor!

GMA7’s Editor? Haha! Goodluck to us!

Its a good thing it was no Cinderella banquet, and so I made to my Mom’s birthday party! Happy birthday Ma!

check out their onsite photo AVP

Preps: Linden Suites

Sta. Maria Dela Strada Church, Katipunan Q.C

Mango Farm

hazel & elmer - September 29, 2008 - 5:57 am

grabe… after 150years eh ngayon lang namen ito nabasa! hahaha! we’d like to thank you for making our wedding a memorable one. definitely you’re one of our favorite suppliers!!!!!

Jeff + Josie

Alas! It’s December, the wedding Season. It was the start of our streak of December weddings. We came home from 3 weddings at the start of December, giving ourselves only 30 minutes of sleep, then drove to cold Tagaytay for Jeff and Josie’s wedding! Woohooo!

We arrived too early… seemed like everyone, even the guards, were still asleep

… so we drove back at the Rotonda… “Starbucks” anyone?

Little did we know, that Josie, punctual as always, started the preps without us! :o) “A lot of catching we did!!!”


and this shot, still not by by Allan (main-… he is more than 4 feet ya know!) besides, Josie…is towering high dude! she’s even taller than me!!! c”,)

… it was such a perfect day, blue skies… and The Calaruega Chapel… ever faithful as always.

Unfortunately, the Reception (Sonya’s Garden) was too bright, it was hopeless to play their AVP flashback photos, Jeff and Josie would have been so proud!!! So here it is (Photo AVP flashback)!

…even Karlo’s, their soon to be brother-in-law, prepared a surprise AVP wasn’ t played. :o(

Well it was a fun-fun party anyway!!! :o)


to Jeff and Josie: watch your heads! “Tatangkad kasi eh!” Hehe! Congratulations and Best Wishes!




Church: Chapel of Transfiguration, Calaruega, Cavite

Venue: Sonya’s Garden, Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite



Bonifacio Day 2007 (Aaron + Veronica)

Another Public Holiday? Oh well… Unfortunately, for my type of work… no Holidays-Holidays! But who says we were working? We were having a great time shooting these two…

But wait… it was a Methodist Wedding! Nah… who cares! As long as you and I believe in One supreme being!


Congratulations Aaron & Roni!


Watch their onsite video


Preps: Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd. Manila

Central United Methodist Church, UN Ave, Manila

Villa Immaculada, Intramuros, Manila



Our First On-site Album

Remember our Kasal Pilipinas Exhibit in San Francisco, California, USA (2006)? It was when we met Ryan & Cory, who were our first walk-in booked client. Not too much prospects though but we we’re still lucky to have walk-in bookings. Haha!

And as a present… we gave them a try of our “First” on-site Album!!! They were so surprised. Little did they know that it was a hell lot of work!!! Thanks again Ryan and Cory!!! Sooooo glad to have met you guys in Freezing Frisco!

Check our their onsite album (delivered same day… “On-site”!)

Watch their onsite video